To the tech founder looking to raise funding for your startup idea as quickly as possible…

Get Your Startup Off The Ground and Raise Pre-Seed Funding in 6 Months Or Less

72% Of The Founders Who Implemented Our 3-Part "Recipe" Raised Pre-Seed Funding Of $100K+
“If you want the fastest way to validate a problem, design a value proposition, validate with users and design your business model, burning as little runway as possible, then use this method.

 – Stephen Lewin, CEO and Co-Founder of Get My Equipment

Inside Traction First You’ll Learn How To….

Follow the same “Recipe” startup founders have used to go from idea to their first round of funding in as little as 6 months;

Validate your product idea in less than ONE week and with a total budget of under $300;

Build a 500+ person waitlist organically so you can clearly prove your product concept has traction;

Build your Version 1 and run a pilot at low cost or even no cost so you can prove you have a sticky product that users love (and secure an enthusiastic “YES!” from investors);

Use our proven “Masterplan” framework to get investors to buy into your plan – and believe you can 10x their investment;

Get investors to enthusiastically back you so that you can start building a team, investing in your product, and scaling your user acquisition.

10/10 - unreal stuff. Your speed, execution and process were highly impressive ... your results even better.”

– Logan, CEO and Co-Founder, Topia
Topia is a FinTech product helping millennials to achieve Financial Freedom. Logan was able to:
- Got 750 people on the waiting list
- Got 250 people using their pilot product
- Raise $180K from angel investors with a valuation of $1m+

Here Are Just a Few of the Things You’ll Discover

Within Traction First

  • The methods we’ve distilled after years “in the trenches” to market test product, app, and software ideas prior to development and launch (so you can validate whether there is a market and iterate…or move on quickly if there isn't…)
  • Competitor Benchmarking: The ONLY criteria that matters when doing competitor analysis (and the data that is a waste of time to look at when it comes to product design and differentiation)...
  • The top 3 reasons why 90% of startups fail – and exactly what you can do to avoid each one of these pitfalls (see chapter 3)
  • The ONLY two things you need to focus on right now if you want to successfully raise funding for your startup idea (see Chapter 4)
  • How to use the WOS Method to finally gain clarity on the audience you’re targeting and the problem you solve – investors will want to see this above all before they even consider investing!
  • Some startups are doomed from the outset – use the Startup DNA “test” within the book to determine whether your idea has legs before you go all in on it (and what to change if it doesn’t)…
  • Ready for investors to come to you? Discover why you should stop chasing investors, and start getting traction that completely changes the dynamic the next time you sit down at the table…
  • How to bring investors the kind of traction they need to see before investing…without having to spend a fortune proving your ideas…
  • Looking to drive viral growth and mass adoption of your product early on? Here’s how to plan and run a Waiting List and Pilot that does exactly that…
  • Case Study: How we helped one startup get a $1M+ valuation with a waiting list of just 300 interested prospects...
  • Why market size does not mean market opportunity…even if you have the first product like yours in the market (PLUS: How to avoid the #1 reason great ideas don’t get funded)...
  • How we inexpensively develop products that work well enough to attract investors…and then use investor funding to accelerate the business towards Product-Market Fit…
  • ​The “Master Plan” template you’ll use to convince investors you have something big enough to invest in…
  • Why investors aren’t looking for a “business plan”...and what to show them instead to secure an enthusiastic “yes!” for your startup…
  • How to get your idea to stand out - professional investors look at 100s of investments per month and compare them. We’ll show you how to get your startup to the top of their list…
  • How to build a startup worth $1M+ for $5,000 or less so that you don’t need large amounts of working capital to attract investors…
  • ​Product “How” vs. Product “What” - If you watch shows like Shark Tank, you’ll see that most startups mix these up (or think they are the same thing). You’ll want to avoid this mistake (chapter 5)...
  • Our 4-Step Testing Framework that helps you avoid one of the major product design pitfalls that catches out almost every founder we speak to…
  • What features does your product need? What features doesn’t it need? Use this cool little tool we call the Red Button Method to gain ultimate clarity and avoid wasting time exploring dead ends…
  • Is everyone telling you to "get to market quickly and fail fast?" See page 32 for the reason why you shouldn't – and what you should do instead...
  • ​Our Two-Step Content Strategy (or, “The Only Marketing Strategy You’ll Need to Turn Your Waiting List Into Raving Fans”)...
  • ​How to launch a simple one-page website that converts casual browsers into eager prospects on your waiting list…
  • A Recipe for Traction - Follow this 3-Step Plan so you’ll have the evidence investors are looking for before they back your product…
  • How to build a waiting list of serious prospects for free to show investors that you have the perfect product for your target market…
  • How to customize the recipe for your startup idea so you know EXACTLY how many people you need on your waiting list and in your pilot…
  • Not sure what to ask users when testing your product? See Chapter 8 for the EXACT questions you should be asking (and why)...
  • The nurture techniques we use to keep waiting lists engaged (so that when you launch your product, the people who said “I’m interested in that!” actually start using it)...
  • 4 different ways to create a story investors will back (and how to use each method to get them excited about the future of your product)...
  • Bad news: Minimum Viable Products by themselves just don’t cut it anymore; here’s what to do instead to attract a horde of interest around your product idea…
  • What Albert Einstein can teach you about running a successful pilot program…
  • The 5 “commandments” of an effective Now, Next, Future Masterplan that ensures you don't jeopardize your chances with investors before you even get invited to a meeting... (See Chapter 6)
  • Our Start-to-Finish strategy for planning, running, and ensuring a successful pilot that gives you all the data you need to fine-tune your product…
  • You DON’T need to pay a fortune to hire a developer, or give away huge amounts of equity to a technical founder to get your product built (in fact, see page 87 for why we almost always prefer No Code products in the beginning)...
  • The “Game Thinking” framework to build a viable product that doesn’t just attract users, but keeps them coming back again and again…
  • ​The Next Round of Funding - We’ll show you how to keep investors excited now, while preparing them for the next round of funding you’ll need in the future…
  • Borrow the exact method we use to inexpensively create a pilot product you can use to answer investors’ #1 question about your product idea…
  • ​$100M+ Startups Have This - It’s a technique you’ll use to beat your competition that we’ll give you in chapter 7…
  • 4 examples of “Winning Hand” startups that you can model to develop a commercially viable business that can achieve scale…
  • How you’ll be able to get the “real numbers” and Key Performance Indicators investors are looking for (without having to spend a fortune on product development)...
  • Validating a startup idea with $300 or less - This low-cost startup method takes less than one day of work to set up and launch. Try it after you read chapter 8 and have your startup validated by this time next week…
  • Pitch Decks: What should go in yours? What should you ask for? What questions do you need to answer? Use our “Prove & Promise” framework to craft the perfect Pitch Deck and deliver investment-winning pitches…
  • We’ll give you our KPI dashboard to help you track key data in your Pilot and give your investors exactly the numbers they want to see to show that you’re delivering on your vision…
  • What Texas Hold ‘Em Poker can teach you about creating a world-beating value proposition – page 107 for this one!
  • ​The techniques we recommend for an ultra low budget pilot product (try this if you don’t even have $5,000 to invest in your startup idea)...
  • The #1 question to ask before running your pilot to ensure that you don’t waste your investors' time and money (as well as your own)...
  • The market-leading market research methods used by the biggest companies worldwide that we have adapted for early-stage startups to help you save you tens of thousands of dollars and months of work…
  • ​Our interactive Fundraising Calculator that shows you exactly how much capital you’ll need to raise to implement the “recipe” for your startup idea…
  • And much, much more…
Working with Who’s Fabio? has been invaluable... It really helped us to shine the light on the problem we were solving and focus our efforts to prepare a successful and insightful beta release... The team’s advice has been spot on when preparing to pitch for investment.”

– Tom, Co-Founder, SailTies
SailTies makes it simple to capture, re-live and share your sailing
- Got 300 sailors on the waiting list
- Got 125 sailors using their pilot product
- Raised $130K with a valuation of $1m+

Simply having a “Great Idea” is almost never enough to secure funding.

Heck, even AirBnb were turned away by experienced investors in the beginning…

It isn’t always the so-called “obvious” pitfalls that stop a founder from turning their product idea into a fully-funded startup either, such as:

❌  Lack of capital
❌  Lack of technical skills
❌  Lack of investor connections


In fact, we’ve found that 90% of startups fail because founders get “lost in the desert”, i.e.:

Wandering Around In Circles For Months (Even Years!)...While All Their Resources Slowly Drain Away Until There’s Nothing Left.

“I Have the Idea. I Have the Story. I Have the Data That Shows People Want This…So Why Hasn’t My Startup Taken Off Yet?”

- Almost every founder ever

My name is JP Luchetti, and together with my business partner, Darren Ball, we’ve been lucky enough to work on hundreds of new products for startups, VCs, Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 businesses, including:
  • Sony
  • ​HBO
  • ​Maersk
  • ​Go Ahead Group
  • Hermes
  • ESPN
  • ​Coca-Cola
  • ​GE
…and many more.

(In fact at one point, one of our apps had more downloads than Facebook, and another was featured as “New and Noteworthy” in the App Store!)

Over that time, we’ve come to make an interesting observation about the state of the startup world:

JP Luchetti

Darren Ball

Perhaps you don’t have the tech skills you think you need…so you’re struggling to build a product you can take to market.

Perhaps you need to raise funding to really get the ball rolling…but you just don’t know where to start.

Perhaps you’ve already done all the work of building a working MVP…but no one’s using it at the moment.

Or, if you’re like most founders we speak to, you’re simply frustrated with the sea of information out there and you just don’t know what to do next to make your startup idea a reality.

So What Do You Do Now?

How do some startups secure funding, Wow investors, and take off within months of ideation?

…While others stay lost in the desert for years, creeping inevitably towards the startup graveyard without ever leaving the ground?

In our experience, the difference lies in your ability to be laser-focused on ONE thing at this stage.

(In fact, it’s actually the ONLY thing that you need to focus on in your business right now if you want to raise money from startup investors…)

👉 Showing That Your Product Has Actual Traction.

Everything else is simply an expensive distraction.

“Traction”, by the way, means much more than just a prototype, or a survey of your target audience, or fancy market research reports.

In fact, between:
  • Startup A: Polished product, backed by various market research surveys, and estimates describing a $1bn market opportunity.
  • Startup B: A very basic MVP, but a 1000-person waiting list of potential users, and a successful product pilot which shows that customers want to continue using the product.

Most investors we speak to in our work would choose Startup B every day of the week.


Startup B is showing they already have momentum. Not just through design mockups and forecasts, but with a waiting list of real people eager to get their hands on the product, and a working product with actual users

Startup A is still just an idea – and ideas are risky.
Ultimately, showing “traction” means answering the three key questions investors need you to answer before they’ll even put a penny of their money behind you:
Does this value proposition resonate with the market?
Are people already using this product (and are they staying for the long-term)?
Is there an opportunity here to 10x my investment?
And if you’re looking to become the kind of tech startup that Wows investors and secures a $1M+ valuation in its first round of funding, we’ve found that success depends upon you being able to show that same kind of traction that your investors are looking for.

So how do you do it?

How do you generate THAT type of traction without a million-dollar budget, the right investor connections, or a fully polished product?

More to the point – how do you raise funding to build a product that can show traction…when you need traction in order to get funding in the first place?

Well, we like to do it using a simple, 3-part “recipe”...

The 3-Part “Recipe” We Use to Prove Real Traction For Tech Products and Secure an Enthusiastic ‘Yes!’ From First Round Investors

After working on hundreds of startups over the past 10 years, we’ve found that most tech founders end up “lost in the desert” for years simply because they lack clarity.

Lack of clarity about their audience.

Lack of clarity about their value proposition.

And lack of clarity about exactly what steps they need to take to turn their idea into an investor-backed startup.

That’s why, instead, we’ve found massive success simplifying the whole process – from Ideation to Funding – into just 3 key steps.

In fact, by using this same “recipe”, 72% of founders we’ve worked with have been able to raise funding for their own startups within the first 12 months.

It doesn’t take years – we’ve found the process takes as little as 6-12 months in many cases.

It doesn’t require you to be a techie – even the most non-technical of founders can make this happen.

And it doesn’t even require you to have to have a fully finalized product either – rough, clunky MVPs welcome!

Within our latest book, Traction First, we reveal for the first time how to use this 3-part recipe to turn your current product idea into a fully-funded tech startup in as little as 6 months.

It’s the same process we’ve slowly distilled after 10 years of working with early-stage startups and venture builders, and the same process that we regularly use to save tech founders years of headache and heartache.

Want to see how we do it?

Traction First: A Simple Recipe For Turning Your Startup Idea Into A Tech Business

On this page, you can pick up a copy of Traction First.

It’s just $4.99.

In return, we’ll be showing you what we’ve found to be the most effective, streamlined, and low-risk way of turning your idea into a thriving tech startup – in as little as 6 months.

72% of founders we’ve worked with have been able to secure funding using the methods we teach inside the book within just 6-12 months.

We’d love for you to join those ranks too.


Given to our students by investors in pre-seed/seed funding.


Of our students successfully raised money from investors in their first 12 months.

Tony was able to simplify his value proposition, build a waiting list of eager prospects, and scope his MVP so that he had the confidence to commit to the business.
“…from six main features down to two killer features that everyone wants; and a completely new outlook on how to bring the solution effectively to market.”

– Tony, Founder, PROmotion

Finally – The Solution to the Classic “Chicken & Egg” Problem Every Founder Comes Up Against!

If you’ve ever tried pitching to investors without the recipe, you’ll be all to familiar with the funding/traction paradox:

You need funding to build a product so that you can get traction…

But in order to get funding, you need to show traction!

Ahhhh! *starts pulling hair out*

Some founders can get stuck in this catch-22 for years hoping that the next investor they meet won’t ask for “traction”. And every time you meet a new investor you think they might be the one—but they aren’t. 

The truth is that if you are a first-time founder, it’s nearly impossible to secure funding without traction first. 

That’s why, within Traction First, we wanted to give you a simple solution to this age old problem so that you can finally escape the frustrating loop that keeps founders stuck for years.

If you’ve been lost in the startup desert for longer than you’d like to admit, we’re here to get you out.

…And our 3-Part “Recipe” is your new escape plan to help you do exactly that!
“We had always struggled to build a product that engaged and retained users. The end result was a solid product strategy that the entire company has embraced.”

– Ben, Founder & CEO, CoGo
Ben was able to dramatically increase 30-day user retention (from 4% to 20%+), successfully raise three rounds of funding (NZD2m+) and secure a partnership with NatWest Bank in the UK.
“No one has been able to distill our customer's problem so succinctly and in so little time before. JP and Darren were able to significantly reduce our execution risk with a compelling product to deliver on our strategy.”

 – Mutaz Qubbaj, CEO, Squirrel

Our “Recipe” Works Even If You’re Not a Technical Founder

If you’re not a techie, it can seem hard to believe that being a non-technical founder wouldn’t be a barrier to making this process work.

Luckily, we have good news:

This process works even if all you can bring to the table is “the idea”.

Sure, if you have the tech experience, it will help. But it is NOT a requirement to make our Recipe work.

You do not need to spend your whole day in Figma building the “perfect” product.

You do not need to hire a huge team of designers, developers, and app builders to create something that blows your investors' socks off.

You don’t even need to be the most technologically-skilled person on your team to understand how everything fits together.

You simply need to bring to the table the passion for turning your startup idea into a product users and investors alike will LOVE – we’ll show you how to do the rest.

Even as a first-time, non-technical founder without a team, you can still use this strategy to successfully raise funding from investors.

PLUS: Get Your Copy of Traction First Today and You’ll Also Receive These 3 Bonuses: 

Bonus #1:

Build a 500+ Person Waitlist…
…Without a Product

(and Without Spending Any Money)

Inside this workshop, we’ll show you how two non-technical founders built a waiting list of 500+ people – without a product. Plus, you’ll discover how you can build your own waiting list without a product and without spending any money too.

Bonus #2:

Case Study: 3 Different Types of Pilot Products

You do NOT need a finished product to run a successful pilot. During this workshop, you’ll look behind the scenes at three different types of working pilot products and discover famous examples of successful pilot products. You’ll also see why you don’t need to develop a fully polished product to prove concept and market viability.

Bonus #3:

Fundraising Plan Calculator

Just like any “recipe”, you need to measure out the ingredients you’ll need first before you put everything together. This calculator will do the math for you to help you figure out exactly how much capital you need to raise to properly implement the recipe and turn your product idea into a fully-funded startup.

"We would not be here with the app in our hands, with already paying members and a clear path to investment – and a real business – if it wasn’t for Darren and JP.”

Skye Blanchard, Co-Founder , MySimpleHQ

“Everything had real, tangible benefits that moved the company forward. One great example was the method of iterating on the product, which probably moved the company forward 12 months in about 3 hours.”

David, Founder, Legal Tech Startup

Tired of Going In Circles With Your Startup? 

Let Us Give You Our Simple Action Plan to Get Your Startup Off The Ground and Raise Your First Round of Funding in as Little as 6 Months

Here’s What You’ll Get On This Page:

  • Traction First: A Proven Recipe to Help Startup Founders Go From idea To Their First Round Of Funding – Fast
  • Bonus #1: Build a 500+ Person Waitlist…Without a Product (How-to workshop with case studies and examples from real Founders)
  • Bonus #2: Case Study: 3 Different Types of Pilot Products (How-to workshop with case studies and examples from real Founders)
  • Bonus #3: Fundraising Plan Calculator (The spreadsheet we use to work out how much you need to raise)

Get Everything Above For Just $4.99

No Questions Asked
Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with Traction First for any reason (or even no reason at all)…

…just let us know with a quick email to and I’ll send you a prompt refund for the book. 

This is a 365-day money-back guarantee. 

Meet the Authors of Traction First

JP Luchetti

Partner at Mr. Pink - A LATAM-based early-stage VC, and Venture Design Lead at Rokk3r, a Miami-based venture builder.

Worked on hundreds of new products for startups, venture builders, VCs, SMEs and FTSE 100 businesses, including Invesco, Intelliflo, Hermes, National Express, Sony, HBO, ESPN, Coca-Cola, GE and many more. 

Previously a Board Director at Mubaloo – a leading mobile app development agency in Europe, and a founder at IPH – a mobile app development agency in Argentina with offices in Miami and Mexico. 

Also, 9% of startups fail because they lack Passion. True story.

Darren Ball

Worked on dozens of new propositions for startups, venture builders, SMEs and FTSE 100 businesses, including Sura Mexico, Maersk, Go Ahead Group, HSF, Hanson UK, ABRSM and many more.

Product and Venture Strategy at Rokk3r

Chief Product Officer at CoGo and Yolion – FinTech startups in the UK

Previously, digital strategy consulting at Mubaloo – a leading mobile app development agency in Europe, and Accenture
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